Minggu, 13 September 2009

a note I had left behind on November 2008

I like to get out from a noisy room
and walk together outside only with him,
I'm (was) in love with him.

When I am together with him,
I pretend to ignore him.
But when he is not around me,
I might look around to find him.
At that moment,
I'm (was) in love.

Although there is someone else
who always makes me laugh,
my eyes and attention might go only to him.
Then, I'm (was) in love with him...

Although him supposes to call/message  me a long ago
to let me know him safe arriving at home,
my phone is quiet.
Then, I realize that I am in panic for the waiting.
At that moment,
I am (was) in love with him.

When I look at a group picture,
I might rather look for him
(to know who was next to him or how he look like in that picture)
than look for myself.
Then, I realize that
I am (was) in love with him.

If I'm much more excited for one short
e-mail/SMS from him than other many long e-mails/SMSs,
I am (was) in love with him.

When I find myself who can not erase full of messages
in my answering machine
for one message from him,
I am (was) in love.

When i get a couple of free movie tickets,
I would not hesitate to think of him.
Then, I am (was) in love.

I keep telling myself,
"He is just a friend,"
but I realize that I can not help avoiding
the special attraction from him.
At that moment,
I am (was) in love with him.

While I am writing this mail,
someone appear in my mind, and
I am (was) deeply in love with him.
Question now is...
who am I thinking of?
he he he.

(a note I had left behind on November 2008
got from my friend's buletin at Friendster.com
I do never know who was the writer
but this notes was mirroring my feeling that moment
I do ever in "in love" state last year n would never be the same this year)


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  1. blognya bagus,..penuh sentuhan wanita,...tukeran link yok..

  2. I like your poem! It's very nice to read it...

  3. hmmm...

    Note yang bagus emang...
    bagus betull..

    tukeran link ya..

    SAlam Perantau


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